Be more than ready. Lead the way to an open banking future.

Eyal Sivan is Mr. Open Banking, a seasoned technology professional with over 25 years experience helping banks build modern solutions. From open banking strategy formation, to digital transformation, to modern API architecture, Eyal provides your organization with the trusted adviser it needs to successfully navigate open banking and capitalize on new opportunities to innovate. With the right guidance, you won't just be ready for open banking - you will lead the way.

Mr. Open Banking Consulting Services

Mr. Open Banking provides a wide range of consulting services to help ready your organization for the adoption of open banking, from establishing business strategy through to real implementation. Consulting services are made available via the Axway Catalyst team, and are based on targeted multi-day workshops focused on the categories below, with extended consulting available on demand. To get started, book an initial consultation.

Open Banking Readiness

All over the world, countries and regions continue to march towards the adoption of open banking standards. Whether being driven by regulations or market forces, becoming ready for open banking can often be a difficult challenge for new and old organizations alike. Mr. Open Banking can assess the state of open banking within your geographical region, determine the impact on your organization and establish a clear strategy to ensure you are ready to take advantage of open banking opportunities both today and well into the future.

Digital Transformation

Modern consumers demand a personalized, digital experience delivered through their smartphone for everything they do, and banks are no exception. While many banks already provide solid digital experiences, keeping up with high-speed innovation has forced them to rethink how they deliver on an ongoing basis, especially when working across the ecosystem. Mr. Open Banking can ensure that your Digital Transformation strategy is focused not only on user experience but on rapid delivery and continuous improvement as well.  

Modern API Architecture

Having a strong open banking strategy is important, but it won't get very far without the right architecture. Designing good APIs that put developers first and enable rapid re-use is certainly part of the story. But what happens under the hood is just as important, and can lead to massive constraints if done wrong. This is where microservices, containers & service meshes keep you agile and scalable, while ensuring the CI/CD pipeline keeps delivering. Mr. Open Banking can review your API Architecture to see if it stands up to modern best-practices.

Implementation Roadmap

Once you've settled on a target end-state, then you have to plan how to get there. Getting legacy systems from where they are today to where they need to be is often the most challenging part of the open banking journey. Armed with a modern architecture expressly designed to be flexible, you can begin to draw out a roadmap towards true legacy modernization. Mr. Open Banking can review your existing systems, map them to a desired to-be end state, and then co-author a realistic phased implementation plan describing how to get to that state.

Targeted Consulting

Even with the best laid plans, the most difficult constraints often arise from the unique characteristics of a given organization, whether that be its culture, structure or current business goals. Unique challenges demand a targeted focus, honing in on delivery constraints wherever they may lie, from strategy down to operations. In these instances, Mr. Open Banking can identify and address your constraints through specially targeted consulting, embedding with and augmenting on-site teams to support them in doing their best work.

Speaking Engagements

Mr. Open Banking has spoken at conferences and events all around the world, addressing audiences ranging from IT professionals to business leaders to everyday people interested in the impact of technology on our lives. He has spoken at events hosted by names such as Red Hat, Hashicorp, Axway, Finastra and others, covering subjects like the history of integration and building the optimal architecture for open banking. Mr. Open Banking can speak to your senior leadership teams about the impact of open banking and how to gain from its arrival.