Open banking is forever changing how we interact with our money.

A fundamental shift is happening in the world of money. A global movement called open banking is driving banks to compete and innovate in ways they never have before. At its core, open banking is about giving people more control and choice over how they use their money and their financial data. Here we tell the story of open banking, a story that is still being written all around the world.


What is open banking?

Open banking is about banks sharing financial information, with each other and with third-parties, in a simple, secure and transparent way. By defining clear standards for how financial data is shared, open banking puts consumers back in control of their financial data to help them better understand and manage their money, across as many providers as they need. It enables people to securely share and use their information so they have better visibility on budgeting, investing, and financial planning. Open banking enables broad integration across the entire financial ecosystem, ultimately leading to new and innovative banking products which are faster, cheaper and more adaptable to our rapidly changing world.


The Mr. Open Banking podcast

The Mr. Open Banking podcast aims to chart the course of an emerging movement. Our goal is to use simple, intuitive and authentic language to help explain open banking in a clear and accessible way. Our discussions surround the underlying design and integration concepts behind open banking, as well as its impact on society at large.

On our show, we engage with an amazing assortment of guests who represent the technology innovators, financial leaders & key influencers who are together driving open banking forward.


Are you ready for open banking?

Whether you are a large incumbent bank with a long history or a frisky young digital challenger with big aspirations, open banking will have a major impact on your business strategy and how you build your solutions.  Open banking demands an approach that is agile, digitally-native and built for change. Our sponsor Ozone API, world leaders in enabling data sharing ecosystems, provide everything you need to implement and control your own open banking environment, ensuring readiness today while creating endless opportunities for tomorrow.

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Made possible by Ozone API

Mr. Open Banking is made possible thanks to our partner Ozone API, whose technology enables some of the most robust and powerful data sharing ecosystems in the world. Ozone API has been a key voice in the open banking community since its inception and their choice to support Mr. Open Banking is consistent with their role as technology leaders and trusted advisers throughout the industry worldwide.